Solid offers you a personalized choice of apparel options which express your individuality 24/7. Depending on your personality, on any given day, and any given occasion, wherever you are: Solid creates personality!

Solid is a cool, laid back and fashionable menswear brand with a universe divided into different capsules; Each capsule reflects a unique style direction. Fabrics and fittings are in focus regardless of the style direction. The width of the capsule reflects its large target group and emphasizes the great commercial strength of Solid.

Solid also offers a wide range of clothing items in its Never-Out-of-Stock programme featuring basic elements from the capsules. The NOS programme includes jeans, chinos, T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, knitwear, socks and underwear.


Pep is clothing for fashion-conscious women – based on how they really are and how they really look. The collections include ‘classic’ items as well as surprises, and they always represent great value for money.

Pep focuses on quality, price and fittings. Representing simple silhouettes and perfect fits: straightforward, attractive and effortless.

The statement: “It’s all about you” means a sharpened profile in order to offer a strong concept with exciting new thoughts and ideas. As if the styles and fits were made just for you, making you feel really comfortable – and attractive. Our fantastic qualities intensify this feeling. Offering you everything you need, as well as a few extra things that are a little out of the ordinary.

Tailored & Originals

Who enjoys everyday living. Following international fashion trends with heritage in classic men's clothing.

Embracing the well-dressed man and the “grown up” look is the foundation of the Tailored & Originals collections combined with intriguing and relaxed fashion items we strive to give you a clear and comfortable appearance. Tailored & Originals brings you fine tailored styles, twisted jeans looks and conventional commercial styles – Tailored & Originals presents a full range collection – covering all product groups.

Naming us Tailored & Originals we broaden our universe – we offer you the best possible apparel and making sure our foundation is wide enough to give you a surprisingly and positive impression of our brand in any perspective.

“Tailored” for the well-dressed comfortable and formal look - “& Originals” brings you the casual jeans and laid back styles which will assure your everyday appearance.


Desires will without any doubt be recognized for its great quality and attention to details. The garments have a raw and relaxed expression meant for young girls who are conscious about what they wear. Girls who wish to express themselves individually and wish to enjoy life – not carelessly, but in full.

Inspired by the relaxed and easy going lifestyle, Desires offers a full range fashion experience with great fitting at affordable prices.

Desires offers you the chance to release your inner rebel. Desires, is all a girl wants. Now she can actually afford it.